COVID-19 Protocols

                    1. Reinforce personal responsibility within your company.

                    2. Company premises opening hours should be highlighted, website and your social media accounts with access card entry when appropriate.

                    3. No walk ins - we will put a sheet on the door with our phone number and instructions on how to make an appointment.

                    4. Track your visitors (name, date, time and phone number), its recommend to only welcome critical visitors.

                    5. Don’t come in to the office if:

                        · you’re sick in the last 14 days.

                        · You’ve had significant contact with people with confirmed cases

                        · If you’ve traveled out of the country

                    6. Personal hygiene best practices:

                        · Wash your hands (especially after taking the lift, touching the microwave etc.)

                        · Sneeze into your elbow

                        · Take the stairs where you can (not the lift)

                        · Personal greetings

                        · Bring your own food where possible

                        · No communal lunches

                    7. Clean and disinfect your office on a daily basis including door handles – ventilate the room if possible.

                    8. All gatherings / activities to consider social distancing rules and can be no more than 20 people in the open space. (based on confirmation with Sas team as before)

                    9. Every second chair in meetings rooms, co-working space will be removed. Please practice social distancing in the VC room. (50% reduced capacity in all rooms)

                    10. Let management know immediately if you or someone you know develops symptoms of COVID-19.